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free dental in arizona. I need help

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positive thoughts   in reply to Smiley in pain
Hello, Rinsing with sea salt water helps too.
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barbiecakes808   in reply to Smiley in pain
I know it sounds weird ,but put butter directly in the cavity. If it is a cavity and you notice it hurts more when your mouth is open or you try to talk air could be getting into the to an exposed part of the tooth's root. Use butter Not margarine ,real butter temporarily seals off the air to the cavity . This is only a temporary fix until you get to the Dentist and you will have to reapply it every now and then specially after you eat. When it was first suggested to me I though it was a wacky idea ,but was in so much pain I was ready to try anything. I'm telling you it worked . If you are in a lot of pain it is defiantly is worth a try.
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BaddCatt   in reply to Smiley in pain
Since you didn't give many details, I have to ask the obvious:
Have you tried Orajel or Anbesol?
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Smiley in pain
I'm on vacation in mount pleasant S.C. My friend flew me here to help with her daughter. I have the worst toothache even my eyeball is hurting my insurance is no good here. Anyone have any ideas. My plane doesn't leave till the 24th next week.
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Tweetypie6664   in reply to gettup
this is not a good link. comes up failed to execute url
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I feel for you. I too am suffering from my teeth hurtig. I have taken cacer meds and others that have destroyed my once beautiful smile. I can't afford to have them pulled and cant find a dentist to do it free or by payments. Don't pay attention to rude peope such as that non humane piece of crap...
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teresa hall-beard
I am looking for some one too help me ... my teeth are bad now because of all of my med's due too dry month etc ... it doesn't feel all that good they hurt .. I have enough hurt with my back so if you can find someone who can help me that would be awesome thanks Teresa Hall-beard

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Louis Perkins
I realize it's been while since you posted this, but in case you or anyone else on this forum I still looking for dental care, I found a really good periodontist in Phoenix. I'm not sure what their policy is on benefits for disabled or how they can help given your situation, but they're worth a shot. Here's a link to their website: http://www.arizonadentals...

Good luck! Hope it works out
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Thanks for the post. I don't have an answer, but I need to see a <a href="http://www.imaginedentala...">periodontist</a> badly. Does anyone have information about this?
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 in response to Goth...   they are not that cheaper nthan regular dentist. these people are gold diggers that's all. Arizona is totally f...up.
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Fix My Teeth PLEASE
Please tell me after all this time you found help! Your story is so similar to mine this last infection had me in ICU for a week & almost killed me I need help now im homeless & penniless if you found help please let me kmow
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 in response to joeneedshelp...   I am in the same situation... did u find help? Please let me know
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El rio is horrible, I would never send anyone to them. They told me I had four cavities, which I didnt believe. I decided to just go back to the dentist I had seen as a child and was glad I did. I had no cavities, and the fees were exactly the same as El Rio. This was four years ago and I still have no cavities. Please dont go to el rio, research costs of other dental offices and you will see that they are not cheaper
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The only place you can get cheap not free dental in Tucson is El Rio Dental Congress
839 W. Congress St.
Tucson, AZ 85745
Appointments: 670-3758
You must call at 7:00 AM to make an appointment for the following day. The visit costs $80.00 and no guarantee you'll get services that same day. Good luck
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I am a 51 year old unemployed male, living in Phoenix, AZ. I desparately need some help with my teeth, or for now, my front tooth broke off and i am unable to get a job in my field of customer service missing a front tooth. I am looking for some help to get this fixed so I can smile again and find a job. If anyone can help I would be so grateful.
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 in response to yomama...   Perhaps you also have a toothache. No one could be that rude or mean if they were not also in pain.
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 in response to concernsister...   my brother and I live in Arizona, he actually works for Department of Corrections (State of Arizona) and he's missing one of his main front teeth, right in front. I am worse off in the teeth department, and my insurance is a joke, I need my whole Smile line done and i don't have the 4g's just for that, not to mention the rest of the work needed... but tell him to give DOC a shot, they are always hiring!! He'd have to apply in Central Phoenix but if he has no criminal record they would likely take him!
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My daughter, Pima County, is in an identical situation. Access (State insurance) ONLY provides emergency extraction, no anesthesia, xray, or any thing else. Horrendous.
Try this page, very helpful, awaiting replies ourselves:
Write to all of them (copy/paste your post) and wait for replies. Blessings.
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I have been going everywhere for dental help for the past two years and can't find anyone or any place to help me. I have several teeth broken off at the gum line. And they will most likley just have to pull all of them. It is getting urgent to get help now. Man Tucson is tuff. Iam disabled and on a very limited income and also scared to death of dentists from past experiences. Can someone just please knock me out pull them all and put in dentures. A cry for help!
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